Wealth tax: Italy

Alessia Paoletto, Mara Monte and Roberto Bonomi

Wealth and Policy, Working Paper 136

30 Oct 2020

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Historically, a broad-based wealth tax has never been introduced in Italy. In the past, there have been other taxes on the ownership of wealth, including the 'forced' levy (prelievo forzoso) introduced in 1992, which required an extraordinary one-off tax equal to 0.6% to be levied on the value of Italian bank accounts and other financial wealth. The only taxes currently in force that may be considered akin to a wealth tax are the tax on real estate located abroad (IVIE) and the tax on foreign financial investments (IVAFE). The paper provides an overview of all of these taxes and their relationship with other taxes affecting the wealthy in Italy.

DOI: 10.47445/136
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