Revenue and distributional modelling for a wealth tax

Arun Advani, Helen Hughson and Hannah Tarrant

Wealth and Policy, Working Paper 113

9 Dec 2020

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In this paper we model the revenue that could be raised from an annual and a one-off wealth tax of the design recommended by Advani, Chamberlain and Summers (2020). We examine the distributional effects of the tax, both in terms of wealth and other characteristics. We also estimate the share of taxpayers who would face liquidity constraints in meeting their tax liability. We find that an annual wealth tax charging 0.18% on wealth above £500,000 could generate £10 billion in revenue, before admin costs. Alternatively, a one-off tax charging 4.8% (effectively 0.96% per year, paid over a 5-year period) on wealth above the same threshold, would generate £250 billion in revenue. To put our revenue estimates into context, we present revenue estimates and costings for some commonly-proposed reforms to the existing set of taxes on capital.

DOI: 10.47445/113
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