Public attitudes to a wealth tax

Karen Rowlingson, Amrita Sood and Trinh Tu

Wealth and Policy, Working Paper 102

30 Oct 2020

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This paper presents findings from the first study in the UK to focus on attitudes to an annual wealth tax. It starts by providing a brief review of key literature including recent studies of attitudes to wealth taxes in general and research on the drivers of attitudes to taxation. The paper then describes the mixed methods used in this new study, which aimed to measure and explore overall levels of support for a wealth tax compared with other taxes; arguments for and against a wealth tax; and opinions on the particular design of such a tax. We find high levels of public support for a wealth tax compared with other taxes. There is more support for including financial investments and property wealth (excluding the main home) within the tax base than for cash savings, pension wealth and the main home.

DOI: 10.47445/102
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